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CIP announced "we have enhanced the Market interface for your convenience. This upgrade allows multiple categories and items to be displayed on the left-hand side, significantly improving usability. You can finally ditch the magnifying glass for good when listing or buying your commodities. "

How do I use the new features to show the multiple categories? Was the market window simply enlarged to enhance viewing?

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I confess that I was also a little confused when they announced this change, but apparently the only thing they did was increase the size of the window. As a result, the number of categories that you can view on the left side without having to scroll the mouse has increased. Another significant change is that you can now view all information about sell/buy offers without needing to hover the mouse over them. In the past, when an offer had a very high value, there was no space to display all the digits, so it was necessary to hover the mouse over the offer to confirm its value.
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Thanks for confirming. The way CIP worded the change, I was expecting more but the larger size window definitely helps.