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I know some places where the map is shaped like simple objects like heart and star. But I also know some that have the shape of more complex things, like the hawk and the spider. I wanted to know if there are more places with formats like this and where are they?

Images of the examples that I said:


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Hello MMrx20, 

Im sure we have more of this places in Tibia! 

I will add only two for the moment and edit answer if someone else find something or by myself! 

 - Weird Island in top of map: (Ppl say that is OLD GM ISLE)

- Lion Head - Bounac, in Cryp Warden cave

(Sorry for this screen i didnt find other)

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The collection of images on map will be updated in this file (full size): MiniMap artworks by Cipsoft, 2022.12.png

Source: Tibia archive

I don't know where most of these map-images occur, the ghost is nostalgia island, tarantula is part of rookie guard quest on rookgaard.