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Dwarven pickaxe can be found in Kazordoon mines. 

We can also obtain this item from the NPC Uzgod. It is needed to complete the Explorer Society Quest's initial mission. This item was implemented into the game in update 7.6 in 2005. That is, a very long time ago. But not so long ago, the item gained a new attribute. It turns out that the dwarven pickaxe can be used with another object (option use with...). 

It is likely that Cipsoft made this change in one of its recent updates or bug fixes. Given that the original Dwarven Pickaxe did not have such characteristics this begs the question:

Does Dwarven pickaxe have any additional use? IF so, on what object can this item be used?

Additional question - Why did Cipsoft decide after so many years to make such a change?


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This patch had a bunch of curious fixes, but to me they don't seem anyhow related.

That said, here is the extensive list of the trackable changes of that patch in particular, in case you don't have it yet. Have fun theorycrafting over them:

  • dwarven pickaxe received the "usable" and "multi-use" attributes.
  • these items lost their "marketable" attribute:
    • witches' cap spot
    • christmas branch
    • ewer with holy water
    • inert astral shaper rune
  • this item received "multi-use" attribute:
    •   (this isn't the normal flower, but a special object added somewhere between 10.82 and 10.90)
  • several new "special objects" where (re-)created. Objects in the game have sequential IDs, but these have been created using IDs from the past, so we can speculate where they are being used.
    •  (added around the IDs of patch 7.6, immediately after Giant Ape's Hair)
    • <transparent object> (added around IDs of patch 8.5, immediately after Heated Worm Punisher)
    •  (added around the IDs of patch 11.40, very close to Broken Compass)
    • <transparent object> (added around IDs of patch 12.90, close to a special large fire fields)
    • <transparent object> (added around IDs of patch 12.90, close to a special small fire fields)
    • <transparent object> (added around IDs of patch 12.90, close to a sparkle animation)
    •  (both added around IDs of patch 13.10)
    •   (both added at the end of the list, so they belong to 13.20 content)
  • many objects received the "ignoreLook" attribute, but they are basically sets of pipes and ceiling fixtures, here are some of them:
    • transparent objects related to this: 

Hope this is helpful :) Good luck!

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It seems like it WILL but it doesn't do anything else nowadays rather than being used for the access... ^^