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Hello everyone,

As the title suggests, I'm planning to hunt Carnivors and wanted to know what's the best physical gear vs them (or should i ever bother with that?).

(but affordable :))

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Carnivoras mostly hit with physical but also with poison so equipment I suggest you to use is:

Helmet: Gnome Helmet Gnome Helmet

Armor: Dwarven ArmorDwarven Armor or Earthmind Raiment Earthmind Raiment

Legs: Dawnfire Pantaloons Dawnfire Pantaloons (if you don't have a lot of money you can use Dwarven Legs Dwarven Legs)

Boots: Alchemist's Boots Alchemist's Boots -> if you have money, if not Pair of Dreamwalkers Pair of Dreamwalkers should be enough

Shield: Shoulder Plate Shoulder Plate

And of course Enchanted Theurgic Amulet Enchanted Theurgic Amulet - it gives you magic level, physical and earth protection what is best option for Carnivoras