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I have heard many times that Burster Spectres are very good monsters to hunt.

Can somebody tell me more how do I start in there?
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I hope my answer will explain construction of question! If not please edit it the way it fits you the most! :)
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Please fanjita you need to edit your post to what is listed In your answer as you are focusing on duo hunt with a knight and mage. Thank you!
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As a guy who grinded Burster Spectres quite hard I will really enjoy sharing my knowledge about that lovely spot. Here’s my bestiary entry so you can be sure that alongside my boiz, we have quite mastered this spot.

Since my guide will be comprehensive, I will focus on specific players setup ED + EK. Another also working option would be MS + EK. Although MS does not have healing spells, he still can use Ultimate Heal Runes on EK, but that requires really good agility from mage and also higher levels. RP will be useless on this spot since Burster Spectres are immune to Physical Damage. The only chance for this vocation is gathering full 4 vocation party. In that scenario RP is responsible for picking up loot from dead monsters. The 3 other players are responsible for dealing damage and moving forward just as fast as it is possible. Please note that this case will work only for low level players, because of spawn limitations.

My guide consists of following chapters:

No. 1 -  What are Burster Spectres?

No. 2 - How to gain access to Burster Spectres? (tylko zdjęcie mapki, czatu z NPC)

No. 3 - Where do I find Burster Spectres? (tylko mapka od depo do dziury)

No. 4 - What level should I have to hunt there?

No. 5 - What EXP and profit should I expect?

No. 6 - What dangers should I know about?

No. 7 - What EQ and Imbu should I use?

No. 8 - How to hunt there?

There are 3 types of Spectres – Burster (blue), Gazer (red), Ripper (green). They also have in common their behaviours – then don’t run away, they hit melee, they barely change target, they are vulnerable for 1 specific element and they all are much immune to 1 specific element and deflect damage from it.

 The percentage of damage received by described Burster Spectres from each element is shown on below graphic.

Burster Spectres are fully immune to Physical Damage. As EK or RP you should always be equipped with weapons/runes that deal Magic Damage (Fire DMG would be the best, because of 20% additional DMG). In other case you might get trapped by them and most likely die, being unable to kill any monster.


Burster Spectres are Ice Monsters who REFLECT ICE DAMAGE TAKEN TO PLAYERS WHO CAUSED THAT, BUT EVEN STRONGER! What does it mean? If ED uses “Exevo Gran Mas Frigo” on full box – he dies. If ED uses Ice Wave on full box – he dies. If ED uses Avalanche Rune on full box – there is big chance that he will also visit NPC Henricus for a cup of tea.

Here you can see items that are dropped by Bursters. Most valuable drop is of course Hexagonal Ruby (30k quick sell to various NPCs).

To be able to enter Burster Spectre spot you are supposed to speak with NPC Strickten Soul  from Dream Courts Quest. Long story short – it is very simple task, since will take you approximately 5 minutes. For that purpose you should visit Haunted House on Plains of Havoc as shown below.

Dialogue with NPC is should look like that.

Et voilà! Since now you can cross doors with blinking handle and you are fully permitted to hunt Burster Spectres! 

Burster Spectres spot that we will focus on in this guide is named Haunted Nexus Tomb and is located on Darashia Dessert. Bursters also appear on Buried Cathedral which is also awesome spot, but for a bit higher levels (350+) and full TH – in there you will find all types of Spectres – Gazers, Bursters, Rippers alongside with deadly Arachnophobicas.

Our spot is 1 minute away from Darashian Depot which is life-saving for quick refills. During 2 hours hunt you will be forced to do at least 1 and most likely 2 refills. Total of approx. 5 minutes for 2 refills is reasonable time.

To enter Burster Spectres lair simply follow map shown below and use shovel. 

This really depends on many factors. Skilled players who have good movement skills could easily start hunting there on levels around 200 and even a bit lower (with full Ice Resist EQ + Survival Imbu). But keep in mind that EK needs to pull smaller boxes – on these levels you are not able to stand with 8 Burster Spectres on chest! If you are player with very average skills or who bought an account and starts his journey with serious team hunts – you should wait untill reaching at least 250-300 level. Burster Spectres hit really hard so both ED and EK must perform very smoothly with blocking and healing. Those levels might really keep you safe! Also Druid should always have Utamo Vita hotkey under his finger just in case.

And what about max level that you can hunt there? We personally were exhausted of this spot around 375 level, we maximalized the route and we couldn’t earn anything more so we switched. But I know maaaaany casual players that hunt there in DUO even at 500 levels. Everything depends on you – if you want better digits or you like to chill hunt with your broski and you don’t mind getting few more kk EXP/h. 

Haunted Tomb is quite profitable spot. Depending on how lucky you are in specific day, the hourly profit will oscillate between 250-600k. You might be sure that average you will most likely earn 300-400k profit per hour.

Raw EXP will depend on your skills, charms and movement. For mid-skilled players who will follow my guide I can assure that 3kk RAW EXP/h, for quite skilled players who will smoothly run through the spot it’s easy 3,5kk RAW EXHP/h.

On screenshot below you can see my statistics that I found along my screenshot folder which was taken by leveling up back in the old days. Being honest, it’s not the maximum peak. As far as I remember, I reached peaks for 13,5kk EXP/h (double EXP weekend + boost + prey).

You should stay aware while you will be around pharaoh sarcophagus. They are a part of Dream Court’s Quest. If you click on them, there is a slight chance that all player standing in room containing sarcophagus will receive 50-600 Earth DMG! As you might imagine, 600 DMG combined with some Spectres inside might be very dangerous for you.

As I already mentioned, your level and skills will determine a little what Imbus you should use on your EQ. Also your budget will determine your EQ as a knight – if you can afford it, then why not?

As ED I used to equip following things:

Helmet: Falcon Circlet (+9% Fire, +2 Mlvl)

Armor: Frostmind Raiment (+8% Ice, -8% Energy, +4 Mlvl)

Legs: Glacier Kit (+6% Ice)

Boots: Glacier Shoes (+5% Ice) or Soft Boots (on higher level)

Shield: Lion Spellbook (+3% Physical, +7% Ice, +4 Mlvl)

Weapon: Cobra Rod (+18% Life Leech, +2 Mlvl)

Amulet: Glacier Amulet (+20% Ice, -20% Energy) – some people say that Garlic Necklace (+20% Life Drain) is more efficient but I did some tests and for me Glacier Amulet did way better job

Ring: Ring of Green Plasma (+3 Mlvl)

Extra Slot: Bone Fiddle (+5% Life Drain)

I am personally enthusiast of efficient hunting. In my eyes it means that you should stay as safe as much as it’s possible and reduce the waste to minimum.

According to what I wrote above, as ED I used Imbus on weapon (Cobra Rod) and helmet (Falcon Circlet). I could also put Imbu on shield but my EK boiz were good enough for me to skip that part. I didn’t have to worry about my life so I could focus on healing him.

As you can see above – I used Mana Leech Imbu on Cobra Rod instead of Magic Level. It’s because we wanted to minimalize waste. In order to maximalize EXP/h feel free to put additional Power Epiphany on your rod.

My dear EK boiz used following configs (as mentioned this will vary due to player’s budget and level):

Helmet: Cobra Hood (+5% Physical, +1 Skill) or Antler-horn Helmet (+3% Physical, +7% Ice, +1 Skill)

Armor: Ornate Chestplate (+8% Physical, +3 Shielding) or Lion Plate (+6% Physical, +3 Skill) or Falcon Plate (+12% Physical, +4 Shielding)

Legs: Ornate Legs (+5% Physical) or Fabolous Legs (+4% Phyiscal, +2% Fire, +2 Skill) or Falcon Greaves (+7% Physical, +7% Ice, +3 Skill)

Boots: Depth Calcei (+5% Physical) or Frostflower Boots (+5% Physical, +5% Ice)

Shield: Prismatic Shield (+4% Physical, +2 Shielding) or Ectoplasmic Shield (+7% Ice, -3% Fire, +3 Skill)

Weapon: Depends if you use Sword/Axe/Club – THE MOST IMPORTANT IS FIRE DMG / FIRE UMBU

Amulet: Glacier Amulet (+20% Ice, -20% Energy) for lower levels or Amulet of Red Plasma (+5% Physical, +4 Skill) on higher levels or Turtle Amulet (+7% Physical, +15% Ice) if you sleep on cash

Ring: Ring of Red Plasma (+3% Physical, +3 Skill)

Extra Slot: Bone Fiddle (+5% Life Drain)

Right now you can see that is impossible to point out universal EQ for all players. Let’s proceed to Imbu for Knights.

Right now I will describe the hunting style that is most optimal. Beginners should start more carefully and gain informations about their best spots to handle 4-6 Bursters at start.

Spot is very simple itself. It consists of 6 full box stops. In 4 of them (No. 3, 4, 5, 6) ED can use safe spots by throwing Fire Fields, since Burster Spectres DO NOT STEP ON FIRE. To cancel Fire Fields you can throw Energy Fields on which Bursters will step without problem.

On map visible below, you can find all the positions for the spot. Moreover please find also screenshots of positioning for both EK and ED.

These corridors are actually most difficult because EK can block himself while doing his pulls. It actually requires some agility from EK to successfully run with 3 Spectres on his back and not letting get stuck and 1 of Spectre focus on ED due to lack of possibility to hit EK.

This way is most optimal and very important. Because in this position Bursters Spectres don’t block themselves and all can jump on EK while pulling wave. If EK stops 1 SQM lower or higher then there is possibility that during this action 1 Burster Spectre will focus on ED because of blocked way.

I wasn’t able to neither find a better screenshot nor make new one with better spot than you can see above. The red star is a perfect spot for ED to throw Fire Field under his feet. Only in this specific configuration every Burster Spectre will be able to hit EK. If EK stands one SQM more to the left, then there might appear a gap for 1 monsters which will leave 1 Burster Spectre looking for anything to hit (after throwing GFB it will jump right away on ED unfortunately).

As you can see above – ED is perfectly safe in this spot and EK will surely pull full box on himself. One of the easiest spots in this spawn.

This spot is without doubt the easiest one here – wide corridors, much space. Just place Fire Field and you can go take a nap. 

This one is tricky because of tight corridor which can make Bursters focus on ED. As seen on screenshot ED should put Fire Field in this corner so he can stand there are lose eventually the target of Burster Spectres. EK spot makes Bursters have enough space every time.

And what about spells?

For ED attack should look like:

Terra Wave -> GFB Rune -> Terra Wave ->  …

Meanwhile of course don’t forget about healing yourself & your broEsKi!

For EK attack should look like:

Exori Gran -> Exori -> Exori -> Exori Gran -> ….

Meanwhile of course don’t forget about healing yourself & Utito Tempo / Utamo Tempo.

Ofc you must wear FIRE WEAPON like Summerblade, Phantasmal Axe, Cobra Axe or some other weapon with FIRE IMBU !