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I am getting 6kk (Bonus + 3 Pray EXP Boost + Boost) exp/hr since level 130 (168 now) on the summer courts elfs.

What is the best highest exp solo possible for a druid level 200?

P.S.: Waste is not a problem.

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Summer Courts is the best spot for your level.
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Sadly there are no "good" videos of someone hunting Falcons, so I am not prepared to show you a video since I do not want to recommend something bad for you.

But Falcons is the go-to place at 250+.
Also why it's 250+ is because it is literally 250+, you can't enter under 250.
The exp is around 1kk more than Summer Courts (without Bonus, Prey or XP Boost) and is not waste. It's more of a moneymaker.
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And after falcons? Could you make a little guide with places and levels? I can give some tc for your time.
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Tbh there's no place you should go after Falcons unless you teamhunt. Level 800+ are even hunting there. But if Falcons are taken then:

300+ - Lower Spike (400+ recommended)
300+ - Catacombs (Golems)
300+ - Draken Walls
300+ - Oramond Fury Dungeon (350+ recommended)
300+ - Oramond Wild Life Raid (West Raid)
300+ - INQ (If you become more experienced)
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The best spot for exp would be Ravenous Lava Lurker (WZ4)