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Hello Tibians!

I think this topic is highly coveted by many.

So far, we know that this Mini World Change occurs randomly.

But is there perhaps a mechanism that causes a certain boss to appear in the World Change?

I play on a server that underwent a merge in August 2023.

Since then, we've had some appearances of Mini World bosses...

So far, we've had:

0 - Jesse the Wicked

3 - Mornenion

1 - Robby the Reckless

5 - Elvira Hammerthrust.

Is there something we do in the game that selects the boss that will appear in the World Change? surprise

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If the 0, 3, 1, 5 distribution seems suspicious to you, then know that it's not :). It falls well into the "95% of cases" range.

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There's a theory that seems to be working pretty well on several worlds.

Whenever there are more active players close to the respawn of the bosses, the boss tends to respawn more often. As you may know, if you're two floors over the floor where it respawns, the map isn't active and mobs don't move. So the more often the map gets active the more chances of the boss spawning. I would recommend checking the spawning spots every now and then and killing the mobs(just in case this is also relevant)

Seems that some worlds trying this are getting more boses, hope you can help prove this theory. :)