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If a certain creature is boosted, does it change directly the raw XP showed in the hunt analyzer or it’s like a double exp that count just for the total XP/h (that includes prey, boost and stamina)

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No, any changes to the experience yielded by a creature does not affect the "Raw XP" gained metric displayed on the tibia hunt analyzer window.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6428

To confirm this, I hunted todays boosted creature, the renegade knight on 150% no prey. This is my hunt analyzer:

Session data: From 2024-06-04, 16:47:34 to 2024-06-04, 17:32:04

Session: 00:44h

Raw XP Gain: 838,525

XP Gain: 1,574,587

Killed Monsters:

  299x cult believer

  86x cult enforcer

  176x renegade knight

  181x vicious squire

  82x vile grandmaster

As you can see, the XP gained is not the 150% experience of the raw exp (1,257,787.5).