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What are the rules for figuring out when a nemesis boss will be available again after it despawns?

There there a set amount of time before the boss is available again and is it the same for every nemesis boss?

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If you know the exact day the boss despawned, consider it as if the boss were killed on that day. Sometimes the boss despawns on our screen and/or spawns with other creatures (they don't despawn with the boss), so pay attention to that. Dharalion, for example, has a window of 6-8 days. Then Dharalion window would open again 6 days after the last one despawns.

If you don't know the exact date the boss despawned, then it gets a little more complicated. Using the same example as Dharalion, if you don't find the boss between days 6-8, start checking again after 4 days (counting from the 8th day, as the boss may have despawned on the first day).

If you completely miss the boss window, then you'll have to keep checking every day until you find the boss.

Remembering that each boss has a different window, so the time will vary. I recommend you read:


Additionally, GuildStats can help you identify bosses that are likely to spawn: