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Cleaning the boogers is the mechanic to get access to the boss room, but if I leave 1 or 2 boogers to clean and go away. When someone comes to clean them the respawn will be activated but because they haven't cleaned the minimum amount needed, they won't be able to access and the respawn will be blocked, right?

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If all players leave the tower during servant waves, the entire World Change will return to the beginning. In other words, the fungi will appear again and the entire area will have to be cleaned again.

Furthermore, the Mad Mage needs to be killed within a 2 hour period, otherwise World Change will also go back to the beginning. So it is possible to block the area during this period, but it doesn't make much sense to give up the boss after so much work.

Source: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Their_Master%27s_Voice_World_Change
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Players need to goggle at least 25 Fungi in on order to stay in the room. If they do not have at least 25 when the last Fungi is gobbled, they are teleported to the hallway right before the dungeon and won't be able to enter until the players inside have finished or leave.