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In order to face the new Scarlett boss and its deadly shot (7500 damage), I wonder what is the highest permanent (not bounded to charges) earth protection  an EK (that is not sword users, which have the Falcon longsword) can stack.

Thanks in advance.

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- Terra Helmet (7%)

- Earthheart Cuirass (8%) / swan feather cloak (12%)

so 15% is your "permanent" damage reduction if you go with cuirass, 19% if you go with cloak.

You can imbue a shield with Snake Skin t3  for extra 15% for 20 hours and use the shield only for scarlett adding up to 30% or 34%.

If you use Terra amulet u get extra 20% with 200 charges, Sacred tree Amulet is 40% with 5 charges, problem with sacred tree is it blocks physical as well so its gonna get wasted every 2-3 turns, the Terra amulet will probably last more than enough time.

I believe 50% (cuirass + terra helmet + imbue + terra amulet) should be more than enough to feel safe.
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Sorry, but it is not so as you showed. You need to use a formula.
If Terra Helmet and Earthheart Cuirass then
1-(1-0.93)*(1-0.92)=0.144 *100% = 14,4 % earth resistance. It really is 14% because more than 14.5 gives you 15%
2)Swan Feather Cloak (12%) + Terra Helmet (7%)
1-(1-0.88)*(1-0.93)=.0.181*100% = 18%

'I believe 50% (cuirass + terra helmet + imbue + terra amulet) should be more than enough to feel safe.' It is 42% in reality.
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  • Terra Helmet (7%) Items of the new update
  • Swan Feather Cloak (12%)
  • Might Ring (20%) with 20 charges
  • Sacred Tree Amulet (20%) with 5 charges
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Armor: Imbue one with earth protection for 15% protection.

Shield: Imbue one with earth protection for 15% protection.

Helmet: Terra helmet (new item) for 5% protection

Ring: Might Ring for 20% protection

Amulet: Terra amulet for 20% protection, or gill necklace for 15% physical protection plus 10% earth protection. Sacred Tree Amulet is the best but will break too fast there.

If you're a sword user: Falcon longsword gives you 10% earth protection but you'll not be able to use a shield.

The best option in my opinion is: Armor 15% + shield 15% + might ring 20% + terra amulet 20%.
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Hey, as you can see in my commentar it is no 'protection stacking'
It has to be multiplicate. You can show it in your character statistics. 
For example 2 items they give 8% earth prot and 20% earth prot:

1-(1-0.92)*(1-0.80)=0.264*100% = 26.4% = 26%

As you can see it is no 28% (8% + 20%) but 26%. Don't forget it, it is no 100% protection in tibia. Good luck!

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You can check it easily on your charachter stats while waering only might ring and stone skin amulet.
It will show you 84% physical protection although might ring has 20% and stone skin amulet has 80%.