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Hi all, I would like to know if there are any interesting items that can be pushed in Edron/Cormaya so to decorate the guildhall.

For example, interesting deco that can be found in other cities:  

I went around Edron and Cormaya and didn't find anything, but perhaps I missed something.

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leaves like in venore corym caves, one in the were-monsters cave, and second one in troll cave, west from the city
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Edit: Thanks, I understood what you meant now
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Here is where to find  leaves in Troll cave west of city you can drag them off the wall

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There are new pushable items located in small house here in Edron:

03:58 You see a wooden trunk 

03:58 You see a cabinet 

03:58 You see a timber chair

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Many thanks for updating this somewhat old question. I appreciate that you did so, as that is very useful, I will try to fetch those items soon. :-)
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Thank you for the answers. Is there really no other unique furniture in Edron than the leaves?
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No, and I'm disappointed with it too...
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You can also find Frost Bite Berries after using a Shadow Bite Plant , and you can carry them on your backpack.

You can find those at the second floor of the Earth Elementals cave, north of Edron, here:

Or at the second floor of the Lycanthropes cave (were-creatures cave), here: