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What are some intresting Quest Items that you have kept to use for deco rather then finishing the quest? These are cool items that arent sold by Black Bert and cannot be found on market.

One example I use in my house is the  Stimulated Brain from the Grave digger's of Drefia quest. This is because its an easy and early in the quest just need the level requirement and a few cheap creature products to get it.

Also the  Voodoo lily pollen from kralios quest

I also like the idea of the scorpion item and  the bat item from the new update but do not know how to get it.

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I like some itens to decorate house like:

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oh i forgot about two ones of end :D <3 LOVE THIS too
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I love to use items from Children of revolution quest - Daily Task "Collect" from Chartan. You can collect 

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I love the most of course:  &  &  &  &  &  &  &  & 

In my opinion about other interesing items:

 /  / /   / 

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Oh I like a lot of the Charged Ghost Charm Charged Ghost Charm.gif used for the In Service of Yalahar Quest. Not sure if outfit for quests counts but if I ever get the Plan of Makeshift Armor Plan for a Makeshift Armour.gif I would consider having it as decoration instead of making the outfit. 

Back in 2006 when there weren't quest itens around, I remember I kept the Spyreport Spyreport.gif for a while because it was a very different sprite and very cool looking parchment for the time. 

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You can get the scorpion and bat using by Net on bat. I like the new flowers and also  its the best for deco House. 
And some items from Gravedigger Quest like  and form Oramond Quest.

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Most than talk about one single Item, I think this guy  have a lot god items quest to use as decoration. Example .