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Are store items destroyed if you throw them into a dustbin? Our guildhall has some dustbins (unfortunately). We have many store items, so we are a bit afraid of putting some of those items next to the dustbins. I did not want to do the test for obvious reasons.

The reason for this question is to know if we can be confident of using the spaces next to such object. Otherwise we will use unexpensive items next to those areas.
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It's just impossible to lose store itens!

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I think You can't throw any items from tibia store to the dustbin.

I think so because i wanted to throw out not needed for me dishes from my npc, wich are stored also in the store and I couldn't do it.

All i could was to put them into not usefull one of many lockers in depot :)

Once i be online after 23:00 c'est i will try to put one of my carpets in house into the dustbin and i will call You :)
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Many thanks, I appreciate that.
(Offtopic: is your name the equivalent of Versace with Polish writing? )
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Don't worry, you can't throw store decoration into the dustbin. You also don't have to worry about someone pushing it outside or stealing it.
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This is not possible, cant be trew away, or even taken for anyone
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You cannot lose store items and they are linked to the character which purchased them, which is great!

Somewhat Off-topic - I believe that daily reward shrine items also cannot be thrown away or be disintegrated.