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Sometimes there's items we don't buy with tibia coins and they still go into our store inbox. For example, I know that items that you get from the reward shrine go directly into your store inbox. So what else does? I'm curious because when something is in your store inbox you can't trade it with other players, your other characters or put it in someone else's house.

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I made a list for all character-bound items depending on the type. A general rule is, if the item is purchased from the Tibia Store with Tibia coins it is considered character-bound. However, there are some exclusions and I'll give you some examples: like Outfits and mounts purchased with Tournament coins get applied to all characters on your account. Also, during the Coronavirus, the Benevolent mounts purchased from April 17- April 31st were applied to all characters on the account. Hopefully, maybe in the future, Cipsoft will do more account-based campaigns. To avoid confusion, if you click on a Store item in the description it will say, "only usable by purchasing character" or "can only be unwrapped in a house owned by the purchasing character" meaning character-bound. The Tournament mounts and outfits all say, "usable by all characters of the account" meaning account-bound.

Items purchased from the Tibia Store with Tibia or Tournament Coins that are character-boundItems not purchased from the Tibia Store that are character-bound
Consumables: Blessings, Casks, Exercise Weapons, Kegs, Potions, RunesDaily Reward Items: Runes, Potions, Training Weapons, Temple Teleport Scroll, Gold Converter
Cosmetics: All mounts and outfitsHireling "Cook" skill items: Carrion Casserole, Consecrated Beef, Chili Con Carniphila, Overcooked Noodles, Svargrond Salmon Filet, Tropical Marinated Filet, Delicatessen Salad, Roasted Wyvern Wings, Carrot Pie
Houses: All Decorations, Furniture, Beds, Upgrades, Hirelings, Hireling Dresses, Hireling ServicesGolden Outfit Display
BoostsA Pirate's Tail Quest Wall Decorations: All Shark Trophies and including Shark Jaws
Extras: All Extra Services (Sex change, Express World Transfer, etc..) and Useful Things (Gold Converter, Temple Teleport, etc..)All Furniture Items from Orcsoberfest
Most Tournament Exclusive Offers (Excluding outfits and mounts)All Hunting Task Rewards
Tournament Rewards: Tournament Deeds (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Papyrus) and Cups (Gold, Silver, Bronze)


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The ones that I know of:

  • Runes / Potions from daily reward
  •  Temple Teleport Scroll -> Daily Reward
  •  Gold Converter -> Daily Reward
  •  Carrion Casserole -> Hireling food for 30% HP
  •  Consecrated Beef -> Hireling food for 30% MANA
  •  Chilli Con Carniphila -> Hireling food for +80 Speed for 1 hour
  •  Overcooked Noodles -> Hireling food, no effect
  •  Svargrond Salmon Filet -> Hireling food for +30 Fishing skill for 1 hour
  •  Tropical Marinated Filet -> Hireling food for +3ML Skill for 1 hour
  •  Delicatessen Salad -> Hireling food for +3 Melee Skill for 1 hour
  • Roasted Wyvern Wings -> Hireling food for +7 Shielding Skill for 1 hour
  • Carrot Pie -> Hireling food for +7 Distance Skill for 1 hour
  • Golden Outfit Display
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I recommend updating your answer, there's a lot of things that are character-bound now!