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Hello Dear Tibians!

I've heard about to force Crustacea Giantica Crustacea Gigantica.gif appear at Seacrest Grounds, if I'm right it's about to kill some amount of  CalamaryCalamary.gif. Does any body know if it's true and how its works exactly? I want to tame it and do bestiary aswell.

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It is not the normal calamary but the ones called 'abyssal calamary'.

But yes, It is true. As many respawns in oramond the calamary respawn it is not constant; I mean, if you hunt in the east minotaur, you will realice that there is not always the same amount of amazon, execouter, hunters, etc; same happens in the glooth factory.

This is what happens with the abyssal calamary, sometimes the calamary spawns sometimes the crustacea does in the same spot.

I leave you a link that explains it better with the spots ^^


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Thx a lot! It will be very helpfull
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Is it still possible?
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as far as I know yes. Rest of oramond still works the same, with different respawns in the same spots, so yep I guess this one should now had changed
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Thanks, I want to try it during next respawn event
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Of course the best way will be if you kill on the Rapid, because without Rapid, it can be time-consuming ..
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The place is Seacrest Ground. Look the points.

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As far as I know is in every respawn of abyssal Calamary in there
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My friends were doing this yesterday at Oramond, I'm sure it works.