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I would like to put mounts on all my makers, however I am low on money, I would like some tips :)

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 Donkey is probably the cheapest just requires   (bag of apple slices) which on my world go for 800-1k gold each

  War Horse Cheap as well and can be tamed with (Sugar Oats) which go for around the same 800-1.2k

 maybe best if your doing alot of characters as you can make it yourself by:

1. Travel to Liberty bay and buy Fire Bugs from Evan.

2. Go to the Sugar Canes and use the Fire Bugs to burn the Sugar Canes down
3. Pick up the Bunch of Sugar Canes and travel to Thais wheat field 
4. Cut down the wheat with the Scythe.
5. Use the Bunch of Wheat on the Bunch of Sugar Cane.

You can always Rent a Horse from one of the 2 stations one in venore and the one in thais which cost 500 gold and is avaiable for free accounts but only last 24 real life hours.

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I would add some mounts that the taming items are cheap and easy to buy on market such as:

image Pandas can be tamed using bamboo leaves image and you can find for around 5k on market, depending on the world.

image Bears can be tamed using a Slingshot image and depending on the server it is around 30k.

image Water Bufalos can be tamed using a Leech image and it is around 20-30k on market.

    image Terror birds can be tamed using the Carrot on a stick item image and price ranges from 20-30k aswell.

Not as cheap as the Donkey, but some cool mounts can be get with 30k!