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I have been playing for many years , but I would like to know how many hours I spent online in my accounts , something similat to steam/origin games where you can see the hours you have on each game, is that posible?
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Good Point, I'd like to know too, but all website with tibia statistics that I already visited just give this information about last login, day, week and month like this https://guildstats.eu/time-online. Also u can search an specific player on the top rightat search tool.

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I think You can't check all the hours online from the beginning of the account. You can check your daily, weekly and monthly. I like the site the most https://guildstats.eu/ laugh

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I use  https://guildstats.eu/options?v=4. to checking how many hours i spend. You can check there the stats from last month, current month, current week and days. Also you can check other stats. I recommend :) Also https://mrthomsen.de/ a lot of statistic wink