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I used to play with my friends in game but all of them stopped, so most of time (99%) i play alone, and I was retired since last year, so today I don't have many access or people to hunt and do the imbuing bosses, for example. So I want to know how can I improve my gameplay playing alone  (I mean new hunts, profit, exp, bosses). Is there any way I can make this any worse or the only way is find new friends ?

PS: I'm EK 270 and more like a "chill" player for hunts solo etc

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I can relate because all of my friends for the most part aren't playing anymore and I'm from 2004 and have been playing the same world since then. I'm sorry to hear but I can definitely relate. To improve my gaming experience solo I like to focus on quests, achievements, bestiary, hunting and prey tasks.

I'd also try to invite back some of my old friends so if I were you I'd invite them back on tibia.com on your account page there's a section for that to try to bring them back. You can also get rewarded for using this feature if all pans out right.

Maybe I'd buy a new house to start fresh and decorate it for hours, sort my depot to keep busy, sell loot. All the lonely things you can do in Tibia. Oh what would be lovely would be for you to maybe join a guild, talk in English or World chat, check forums to see how you can make friends.

I also would try out new spawn so I'd suggest looking at these hunting spots to try to get new ideas:



Being solo in Tibia can be very fun :)

PS: Maybe you can solve Serpentine Tower quest and can tell us how to make a Warlord Sword?
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For the most part of my years playing (since 2006) I hunt solo, so we relate. I'll do the Oramond points next weekend so I can hunt Glooth Bandits. As I don't have powerful imbuings, some places isn't too good for me, guess I'll try later on Deeper Banuta as well. I got a house as soon as I started to play again, so it's fun this part.
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Oh :( well what world do you play? I'm sorry but I think sometimes it's good to have some alone time in tibia at times. Make sure you do grizzly Adam's tasks if your going go banuta and I love bandits its my favorite lol
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I play in Menera. I see many people talking about the glooth bandits, I want to try!!