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I usualy do duo with an ed in winter courts, asura mirror, falcon and skeleton.

Now I would like to do issavi bestiary, so I wonder if there are good hunting spots, as good as the ones I mentionated.

If so, how much exp/h can we get? and loot?
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Put the level.
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done, thanks ^^

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I think you can try on Issavi resp with Burning GladiatorBurning Gladiator Black Sphinx AcolyteBlack Sphinx AcolytePriestess of the Wild SunPriestess of the Wild Sun. You can find these monsters under city or on the mountains. If you finish your charms on these monsters it will be better place than on Falcons. Loot is not that good like on Falcons.


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I Will try, thanks!
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Already tryed! It is good exp, but pretry vas loot :{