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I was wondering where I could get some corpses that wont decay for my houses in different cities such as dragons, bats, minos, ect.

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These are just a few places with a marker on the map, but if I find any others I edit the post.

I know that corpse dragon is in the POI house, but I don't have access there my ED. I just don't know where to find women's corpses, any ideas?

√  Dead Rabbit 1 stage

√ Dead Cyclop 1/3 stage

√  Dead human (man) 1/2/3 stage

√  Dead Deer 1/3 stage

√  Dead Troll 2/3 stage

√  Dead Wolf 1/3 stage

√  Dead Orc 1/2 stage

√  Dead Bear 2/3 stage

√  Dead Snake 1 stage

√  Dead Spider 1 stage 

√  Dead Skeletor 1 stage

√  Dead Rat 1/2/3 stage

√ Dead Ghoul 1/2/3 stage

√  Dead Minotaur 1/3 stage

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Hello PeasizeHead!

Here you got some bodies that wont decay, what you want to do with them is none of my concern o.o

Minotaur Bodies - Thais (Ancient Temple)


Cyclops Body - Thais (Ancient Temple)


Dragons (You can only take the dragons from the corners) - Kazordoon


A lot of different types of skeleton bodies like Cyclops, Deer, Bears, Trolls.. - Kazordoon


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You can find these ones in Ab'Dendriel :) 

Link of the location here: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Anerui

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I remember I have used bodies of trolls from Thais ancient temple for some halloween contest. That were skeletons of trolls exactly, and they won't dissapear.