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Where can I make some decent money at level 100 as a knight?

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The easiest way to make money at your level (I'm assuming you mean solo) is to farm some imbuement materials. Check your worlds market for prices and go hunt some monsters dropping said materials.

On my world the best materials to farm for you is:

Rope belts - Cults and Nomads.

Bloody Pincers - Blood crabs and Deepsea Blood crabs. Deepsea blood crabs can easily be hunted at northern sea serpent spawn which is also a good place for you to exp at the moment.

Sabretooth - Mutated Tigers, these can be farmed in northern alchemist quarter along with bog raiders which is also a decent exp spawn for you. One of the holes at the spawn also have 2 Braindeaths that can drop piece of a dead brain. They sell for 20k+ at my world.

Little bowl of myrrh - Putrid mummy. Located at the Dark pyramid in the cults of tibia quest, needed for backpack imbuement and sells for quite a lot on my world.

Other than material farming I would say that bottom floors in the hive is a good place if you collect the gold, you might need to unlock the second stage first though. (Note that Crawlers drop Crawler head plate needed for emergy resist imbuement, also worth a bit on my world.)

Minotaur Cults -  Located just east of Mintwallin entrance, all you have to do to get access is speak to the NPC and say Hi > Mission and you're good to go, start with bringing firewalls or firebombs to make sure you get max 3 monsters at a time to see how many you can handle, the mages AoE heal and do quite some damage. Note that the postman missions is recommended to get access to the royal mailbox since the loot weighs a lot and you need to make a lootbag. You also need 150+ oramond voting points to be able to sell most of the loot.

oramond voting points

Oramond reward tiers

For teamhunting I'd recommend old fortress (the new hero cave).

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Any cultist spawn, there are several. These creatures will drop rope belts which are at a high price and demand due to imbuing. Another great monster to hunt is mutated tigers which drops sabretooth which also is an item for imbuing. Those you can find in the lower levels in the yalahar arena but also in the new mutated tiger cave in zao which is to the most north east of zao I believe.
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