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I don't know if spend that much money in that or but a pair of golden boots that are somewhat cheaper and have the double of arm. I don't care for the ML bonus, I've seen that most of the high lvls don't care for that.

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You are a wizard? They are good if, even with their price.

Pair of Dreamwalkers.gif (Arm: 2, Magic Level +1, protection Earth +8).
It can only be wielded properly by Druids and Sorcerers of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 8.00
oz. Imbuement Slots: 1.

It all depends on what hunt you want to do. For example: If you will do a hunt like Wz5 where most of the attacks are from land and distance. Dreamwalkers are much more productive than golden boots. But if you will do a hunt where you need to block a little, the golden boots imbued with Swiftness (+ speed) are even more productive.

I hope I've helped

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It always depends on your economy and your needs. Those boots are good to get extra ML that for me is always good since more ML more dmg you can deal, if you have low economy and dont need that boost of ML just dont buy.
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If you are Sorcerer/Druid the answer is YES.

At the end remember this is the ONLY way to gain Magic Levels with Boots. But it gonna depends of your level and economy, so if you can affort it go ahead and take it.