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What exactly do you have to do to be able to sell the Blister Rings on the market? When i put them in depo after looting it depo doesnt show that i have any in there. i have wasted one and that didnt work either. So what is the trick to actually be able to put the blister rings on the market?

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In order for the ring to be seen in the market and you can sell it, you have to have your full time (Brand New)
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You need to have brand new ring:

Blister Ring
You see a blister ring (protection fire +6%) that is brand-new.
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 220 or higher.
It weighs 0.90 oz.
It cant says that have "x" time left.
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They are brand new. even wasted them and recharged them because it wouldnt show up if they were brand new after looting them. nothing is working for me to sell the rings
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I heard that you must discharge it to "zero" to be able to sell.