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What tools are included in the:

  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower
  • Whacking Drillerof Fate
  • Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness

2 Answers

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Squeezing gear of girlpower:

Shovel, pick , tope, scythe, machete and sickle.

Sneaky stabber elitness:

Shovel, rope, pick, machete, spoon and knife.

Whacking Drillerof Fate:

Shovel, rope, pick, machete, kitchen knife and crowbar 

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  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.gif Squeezing Gear of Girlpower (CGB)

Rope.gif Rope, Shovel.gif Shovel, Pick.gif Pick, Machete.gif Machete, Scythe.gif Scythe and Sickle.gif Sickle.

  • Whacking Driller of Fate.gif Whacking Driller of Fate (TBI)

Rope.gif Rope, Shovel.gif Shovel, Pick.gif Pick, Machete.gif Machete, Crowbar.gif Crowbar and Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife.

  • Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness.gif Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness (AVIN)

Rope.gif Rope, Shovel.gif Shovel, Pick.gif Pick, Machete.gif Machete, Spoon.gif Spoon and Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife.

In each Item only change the last two tools.