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What of the three tools from Secret Service Quest is more useful?.

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Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.gif Squeezing Gear of Girlpower (CGB) is more useful because you can find more uses with a Scythe.gif Scythe and Sickle.gif Sickle than Crowbar.gif Crowbar and Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife (From Whacking Driller of Fate.gif Whacking Driller of Fate) or Spoon.gif Spoon and Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife (From Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness.gif Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness).

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This depends on what you are going to do in question. For example if you use the Squeezing Gear of Girlpower (CGB) Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.gif she has only the scythe and the sickle ( Scythe.gif and Sickle.gif ) with it it will be very easy to make sugar oats Sugar Oat.gif with what can you tame the Wild Horse (War Horse Mount) War Horse.gif during the world change Horse Station.

If you use the Whacking Driller of Fate Whacking Driller of Fate.gif (TBI) she has only Crowbar (Crowbar.gif ) which will make you faster some quests like 'Postman Quest'.

And if you use the Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness (AVIN) Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness.gif does not differ much in uses with the blue tool ( Whacking Driller of Fate.gif ) because it only has the spoon as its only characteristic ( Spoon.gif ) more if you will find it very useful to do every day the tasks of Rottin WoodRottin Wood.gif (Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest) with a certain chance of getting a Hunting Horn  Hunting Horn.gif an item to tame the Boar and get the 'Rapid Boar' mount Rapid Boar.gif.

This means that the one with the most possible uses is the pink tool (Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.gif). But if you choose any of the others, I really don't believe that you regret it at all XD.

I hope I helped you, always yours.

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They are very similar, all have the common and more usefull tools so at the end It your choice to decide which one looks better for you.
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for me, same Gear of Girlpower. He have also the highest price at Antica's market too, so it is the most popular.

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In my opinion it is the most useful Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.

He has a Scythe which I often use to get to the library.

But I always carry two with me. Because they often jam.

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Hello, I always prefer to use the pink one. (Squeezing Gear of Girlpower)

Squeezing Gear of Girlpower:
It can be used as Rope, Shovel, Pick, Machete, SCYTHE AND SICKLE

Whacking Driller of Fate:
Can be used as Rope, Shovel, Pick, Machete, CROWBAR AND KITCHEN KNIFE

 Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness:
Can be used as Rope, Shovel, Pick, Machete, SPOON AND KITCHEN KNIFE

As I prefer to have sickle and scythe so I can cut grass, and don't have to pick a machete, I prefer to use this one, since I barely need spoon, kitchen knife or crowbar. I think it fits better. But do your choice based on your use.