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I use life rings on the daily and I'm wondering if I should use ring of healing but I don't really know the difference?

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  • Ring of Healing Regeneration 1hp and 4mana/second time 7,5min (450 seconds) cost 2k+
  • Life Ring Regeneration 2hp and 8mana/6seconds time 20min (1200 seconds) cost 500gp+

ONE ROH: 450hp and 1800 mana = x3 time like life ring is: 1350hp and  5400 mana but 6k+ in money.

ONE LIFE RING: 400hp and 1600 mana

in terms of money better is life ring, but in terms of  efficiency is ring of healing.

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And Life rings are way easier to get bu urself than rings of healing, since you can change Life crystrals for them :)
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Well that depends which vocation you are and for what you use this rings.

If you are a mage and just want to make some runes inside depot a life ring is cheaper and will regen a good amount of mana but if you are using it to hunt ring of healing is better because of faster regeneration.

 Ring of healing last only 7,5 minutes but they regen 450hp and 1800 mana so if you need a faster regen it’s the best one but also the most expensive mostly rings of healings cost 1~2k (or more depending of servers)

Life rings regen almost the same amount of hp(400hp) and 1600mana but in 20min so it regens a lot slower but it’s the cheaper one (300~500gps depending on each server market) and you can also buy or loot life crystals to change for a life ring making it easier to obtain.

So it depends how fast or how much you want to spend...

(1 ROH 2k = 4 life rings 500gps)
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Just to complete the answers I would say Ring oh Healing you sould use while hunting, since it regenerate your stats faster. Life Rings you might use at another ocasions.
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I already said that up there :p
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Depends a lot on what you want with them, if you want to save some capacity, go always for the ring of healing, if you want to save some money usually go for life rings, sometimes ring of healing is a little bit cheaper, Tibia Wiki, english and portuguese, have an excellent article about mana cost effectiveness:



I usually go for ring of healing because in the game world that I play it is just a pinch less cost-effective than life rings and they are way more efficient, saving a lot more cap of my ultimate mana potions.