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I heard from a friend that if you have all the bottles of roshamuul plus you try to do it on the sight of surrender lair the ring of ending won't fail is this true?

I tried to look for an already answered question but there was only one similar which didn't contain the answer I'm looking for: https://www.tibiaqa.com/5359/what-is-the-best-tactic-to-make-the-ring-of-ending?show=5359#q5359
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This is a very hard thing to test out, for the fact that one of the item required is not so common and also for the highest risk. I did my ring long time ago before I got retired but I barely remind if I had all the bottles the day I tried make the ring

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Currently, nothing that the ring provides us with information makes us successful in carrying out the transformation without the chance of dying. As almost everything in the game there is a certain random probability everything will depend on your luck and nothing you can do will impact the final result of the transformation.
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thats the point exactly since there isnt much information about the ring maybe they way it functions and the things its related to, in the past it was posible to make it in arena so you could fail without losing anything with enough information some times tibia by mistake or in porpuse let you impact in the final result, since the ring is made by a string of mending and it is loot of the sight of surrender it makes sense that on that lair it woudnt kill you but thats why i ask if anyone has tried, is not an easy question to answer
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i dont know why it isnt showing the option to edit my comment so i will have to make a second one, for example it is known that is related somehow to the order of the cobra since it interacts with you when you carry one there, orange words will apear and say "you have faced death and put a name on it" so this is more a question if anyone have tried to that there, the arena was removed since it was a bug or something like that it was not meant to do that