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Ring of ending is assigned to the character. I know it doesn't always work and you can dead, but can you try to do it again if you're successful? Can you have two rings signed by your name?

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This is really interesting question! In case we would loose the first ring we made, it would be cool to make the second.
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yes! I have the same mind :D
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This reallly is an interesting question. Looking forward to anyone that might be able to answer. Ill make inquiries on my World
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I really wanted to answer this question but couldnt find anything on someone trying making two Rings of Ending. After 4 hours of no leads I give up. Hope someone can answer it some day

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YES, it is possible to make second ring of ending. It is possible to create as many as you want. I tried it on my knight and i got two.
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t's a shame you don't have screen but it's good to know :)