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I recently came across this item whilst exploring this site's various questions. I ran a few searches on the item and gained a lot of information thanks to mostly this post here:


However, I still have a question unanswered. My main (Shady Doctor) is only level 107. My guild believes it will be impossible for me to successfully make a Ring of Ending until I am at least level 200, given the complete ring requires that level to equip it. However, I noticed the broken version of the ring has no level requirement and I can equip it at level 107. I also know that if you are equipping an item for say level 80, then lose your level to 79, that item will still remain equipped, with the exception of stat bonuses given to that item (until level 80 is gained again). This leads me to believe that it may be possible to make the ring below level 200 and depending on how the ring creations works, if it spawns in the ring slot then it may even be possible for it to spawn equipped prior to reaching level 200. 

Given there is a 50% chance to die and on my server the String of Mending is 6kk each, is anyone able to confirm whether it can be successfully made before level 200, or does the ring have a level requirement for its creation?

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I believe there is not level requiered to try create it, but I dont have any proof and I dont wanna try it hahaha anyways I dont have the items requiered. However, I can tell you that if you are lower than 250 you can actually use the ring on your set.
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Interesting. I will see if there is any confirmations posted otherwise later today I might take a fateful step and test it myself at level 107 :s

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Hey guys,

I decided to test it for myself based on the information gathered. Unfortunately it would seem that there is a level requirement. When I used it on my main (Shady Doctor) level 107, the below picture displays the message received. 

I tested it on my alt (Saintly One) level 383 and he got the ring first try, which was nice. 

I can't confirm the exact level requirement, but I imagine it would be level 200, given you need level 200 to equip the completed ring. 

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I think this is not the best answer, because it just makes an assumption.
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The question I asked was whether or not there is a level requirement. The above is definitive proof that there is. If a better answer is provided I will select it.
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There is no requirement of level to use the ring. I have a couple of friends which did it at their makers under lvl 50.
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Okay nice! I will test soon then. Wish me luck :)