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You see a ring of ending.

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 200 or higher.

It weighs 0.00 oz.

This constantly rotating ring is perfectly weightless, yet feels infinitely heavy at the same time. You read: This eternal ring was forged in the pain of (player name) and hardened by (his/her) endurance.

what does ring of ending do? anyone knows it hidden secrets? 

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what does ring of ending do?

For sure we know it have nice red light and that it rotates around.


Also Ring is telling us "Pain is no word for what you feel anymore. If you do not put the ring off it MAY kill you. Chances are 50/50."

We need very rare item from Sight of Surrender Sight of Surrender, String of MendingString of Mending and Broken Ring of EndingBroken ring of Ending from Yielothax Yielothax.

I did ring in first try, but I have friend which already used 3 Strings and died triple times. :D

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@ At the moment , there isn't any benefit or use for this ring more than it provides red light, in my opinion this ring form part of those items that will be use in next updates, like happens with the  Chayenne's Magical Key.

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Quick update

Besides all the mistery around it and the theories already explained. In the summer 2021 (version 12.70) Folded Artefact Carpet V was introduced to the game. The ring is a Prime Artefact and can be used to color a Cloth Fragment.

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Ring of ending is one of the many unsolved mysteries of Tibia. Currently, it only gives: a decoration element signed with your name, rotates and gives red light as well as a 50% chance of dying full bless when you create it.  It was added in version 10.30, but we still don't know if it has any meaning. In my opinion, but also for many players the ring is certainly useful. I'm almost sure it has something to do with protection of death.

Players have come up with many theories, but they aren't fully proven so they aren't real information.

example theories:

  • helpful with NPC conversation on Banuta lvl 999 (source https://tibiopedia.pl/items/Ring_Of_Ending)
  • "I was very interested in this ring can be on the key element of killing containing boss:)" (source https://tibiopedia.pl/items/Ring_Of_Ending)
  • "maybe the established ring protects against lethal eu released by Gaz'haragoth?" (source https://tibiopedia.pl/items/Ring_Of_Ending)
  • "We don't know exactly when the first time a person might have mentioned shodringers island on tibia forums was but we do know it was mentioned in the article about kharsek in 2016 from tibiamaps. But the island did exist before this and the same set of circumstances leading to the article that inspired the term could have inspired someone else to use the term after 2009 and before the roshamuul update in 2014 . It is still within the realm of logical plausibility. cipsoft likely follows discussions involving the 999 door and that island as both are tibia myth/legend. The lore behind sight of surrender and yeilothax existed between 2009 and 2016. The ring of ending came into existence in tibia with the addition of those creature. This leads me to believe that inspiration for the ring of mending happened between 2009 and 2014. The same time frame people would be discussing the island disappearing and reappearing." (source reddit Ring of ending and 999lvl)
  • helpful to kill Prince Drazzak on Roshamuul (source https://tibiopedia.pl/forum/t/12655,Jak-wykorzystac-RING-OF-ENDING,1)
  • "Ring of Ending + Mysterious Metal EggI wonder that some " power" hidden inside the Mysterious Metal Egg , is what is needed to make a Full Ring of Ending . And also the price and the consequences of doing one, it could well be some kind of very high protection and lose less experience and skills when dying to creatures. Anyway I hope more leave any clues about these respective quests in Winter Update." (source:http://tibiacommunity.com/ring-of-ending-worth-or-not)

this article is interesting. maybe he doesn't solve the puzzle, but he leads a good clue to solve it: cacadores-de-enigmas-ring-of-ending

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