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What would be better to use to protect me from the Buster, Gazer and Ripper spectres at the same time? Not counting the high damage that the Arachnophobicas do
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Umbral master Spellbook (earth +5%, fire +5%, ice +5%, energy +5%).

Elven amulet (protection physical +5%, fire +5%, earth +5%, energy +5%, ice +5%, holy +5%, death +5%).

deepling ceremonial dagger (Range:6, magic level +2, protection earth +5%).

blister ring (protection fire +6%) .
royal scale robe (Arm:12, magic level +2, protection fire +5%).

shining sun catcher (protection fire +5%)

glacier shoes (Arm:2, protection ice +5%, energy -5%).

glacier kilt (Arm:8, protection ice +6%, energy -6%). /  icy culottes (Arm:8, protection ice +8%).

crest of the deep seas (Arm:7, speed +5, protection ice +5%). / falcon circlet (Arm:8, magic level +2, protection fire +9%).

With this you get:

Total: 30.3% Fire protection.

Total: 21.1% Ice protection.

Total: 14.3% Earth protection.

Total: 5% Physical protection

Total: 5% Death protection

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Falcon Circlet.gif Falcon Circlet (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Epiphany) or Gnome Helmet Gnome Helmet (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Epiphany)

Bear Skin.gif Bear Skin (Imbuements: Powerful Quara Scale and Powerful Dragon Hide)

Gnome Legs.gif Gnome Legs

Pair of Dreamwalkers.gif Pair of Dreamwalkers

Umbral Master Spellbook.gif Umbral Master Spellbook (Imbuements: Powerful Lich Shround)

Blister Ring.gif Blister Ring

Necklace of the Deep.gif Necklace of the Deep

Shining Sun Catcher Shining Sun Catcher or Bone Fiddle Bone Fiddle

Falcon Rod Falcon Rod (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Strike) or Falcon Wand (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Strike)

Total protection:

Arm: 35

Def: 20 (Umbral Master Spellbook)

Magic Level: +13

Fire Protection: +40% / +35%

Earth Protection: +24%

Ice Protection: +16%

Energy Protection: +13%

Death Protection: +10%

Life Drain Protection: +50% / +55%