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As the topic says. What is the best tactic to kill The Last Lore Keeper?

What is the minimum lvl required to kill him? Any special tactics? I'd like to gather people to kill this boss. And what is the situation with loot? A lot of people get something valuable?

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You can find the complete guide at https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/guide/756/forgotten-knowledge-quest-final-boss-the-last-lore-keeper/, it's available in English and Portuguese.

I tried to make it short but do not make sense considering that the guide is very complete and explained. I know we should explain ehre and not just post a link to another fansite, but the number of characters allowed is too low for that.

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Thank you for that :)
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You wrote that you can do summons. But in the patch that was 6.08 they introduced the change "Personal summons cannot be used in combat The Last Lore Keeper and Dragonking Zyrtarch"