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Lake Equivocolao is the only known home to the Shimmer Swimmer item , but they only appear when the lake is filthy.

Lake Equivocolao is located in Port Hope:

My question: How many dead bodies do I need put in lake Equivocolao to activate Twisted Waters World Change (make lake filthy)?

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I asked my friend who often dirty this lake, he said that it takes 1000 bodies for the lake to be dirty next server save. 

He also added that the entire server can only catch 50 times Shimmer Swimmer

It is recommended to go fishing as soon as possible, it depends on the popularity of the server. 

He also recommends using the stew when fishing.

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What is the fastest way to make Lake Equivocolao dirty?
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''The exact number of corpses is 800, cumulative on server''.

Source: Twisted Waters World Change (tibia.fadom.com)

''800 e 1000 corpos''.

Source: Twisted Waters (tibiawiki.com.br)

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Do I need to put dead bodies in the same day or I have more time for it?
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As far I know, same day.
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First, The exact number is 1000. Check it out.
Secondly, bodies can be thrown all the time, you don't have to throw them all 1000 in one day.
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Is wiki information (Source), I not the owner of wiki.