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The prey system gives a bonus while hunting a certain creature for a certain amount of time. From each of the prey slots you can choose one creature out of 9 creatures. (These 9 creatures are randomly selected from a large pool of creatures, but there will always be some low-level creatures, some mid-level creatures and some high-level creatures). If you don't want to hunt any of the 9 creatures presented to you, you have several options:

- wait 20 hours for a free creature list reroll, which counts for each prey slot;

- buy extra list rerolls with gold coins if needed, the price depending on your level.

After you selected a creature and a bonus, a timer will run for 2 hours when hunting any creature, not just the one you selected to hunt. When the 2 hours are over the creature your selected will vanish from the prey slot and you can select another one.

I know people lock preys if they hunt only 2 hours daily and always in the same place. I tried to lock my preys by using one Prey Wildcard to select randomly bonus. I lost a lot tibia coins in this way because I do more things in this game (daily bosses, charms or quests). I wonder if there is any tactic for more active players (like me) to don't lose preys so fast ? Is it worth to lock preys by active players?

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Prey_System

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For active players it is more usefull to lock the boost instead of locking the creature.

I mean, you get a good boost as 40% of experience or attack for shooters, so you use 1.59h of the boost (instead of the 2 hours completly), and when it is about to end 'a few seconds left' you reroll the creatures.

This is what I do, as I got the 3 prey slots open, I usualy get some good creature to hunt. In the mind time I save all the reroll prey cards given by free from the daily reward, and when I got enough I select good creatures to hunt.
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That is a very nice tactic Beix, thanks for sharing.
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you are welcome! ^^
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I think you should only lock a prey if you going to hunt for 2hrs or if you going to hunt for like a hour in a day and another hour in the next one but its not that good if you going to make boss/task bc you have to reset prey or just lose time of that prey so locking prey its only worth for people that only hunt
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I recommend you just lock your prey at creatures during events like rapid respawn and double XP/Skill weekend. If you do different things in game that just hunt do no make sense you to lock your prey at a creature. As Beix said, you should keep your prey type, specialy prey of loot and XP, than during an event you can lock a monster for a few days.