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When I check Shlorg, I also used to go a little bit on north to check The Big Bad One - boss of wolves.

Here is more info about this boss:


As you can see, The Big Bad One spawns with two War Wolves, which normally don't appear in these woods.

My problem is that I often meet War Wolves without any boss! Now you probably think that somebody killed the boss and simply left War Wolves, but I always check statistics next day, and there is no The Big Bad One killed that day.

Do you know why it happens?

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Post it as an answer please
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That was an answer xD (I made a huge mistake :x)

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The boss disappears after some hours but not the warwolfs, some creatures that spawn with the boss just don’t disappears at the same time... its not like a summon that disappears when the boss is gone or killed it became a regular creature after spawn
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If nobody kills the boss, he disappears after few hours and the warwolfs are not his summons but normal creatures so they stay. The place is rarely frequented so not always someone will notice the boss on time.