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How does the Orcsoberfest event work? What are the rewards? How can I reach and what do I need to do in this event?

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Here is some information about the event provided:

  • As of October 11 (server save), you will be able to travel to Orcsoberfest island, a place inhabited by orcs and orgers.
  • In order to reach the event, head south of Thais where a tent will be located. Inside is a teleport which will transport you to the island.
  • Collect festive points by completing an assortment of activities.
  • Festive points can be exchanged for different rewards (of the cosmetic variety).
  • The festival will last for a week, with the subsequent weekend entailing a reward phase.
  • This event takes place twice a year, with the starting date being the second friday of March and October respectively. 

Moreover, the reward will be an XP boost for a certain creature class, as he said, this time the class will be "DEMONS". The reward phase takes place after each instance of the event, so twice a year. Also the event is only for premmium account players.

There will be achievements available at the event, but he didin't say how many. You can click HERE to see more information about the event at the official website.

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Info from Reddit , user: sayurinowan 

New boss (King Chuck Nourish)

  • The great Schnitzel hunt: There's a raid announced via a message which states " “The Great Schnitzel has appeared somewhere in the world” UPDATE: This happens every two hours, almost on the hour. A portal needs to be found, and there are items that could help this search (no info yet on which ones or how). No info on how often this raid happens either, I'm assuming multiple times per day. Once you find the portal, you will find Schnitzel spawns. You need to kill these creatures and try to loot Meat Grinders to use on the Schnitzel to damage it. The 'fresher' (recently spawned) the Spawns are, the higher chances of looting a Meat Grinder. Using a Meat Grinder on the creature grants you Festivity Points. After certain amount of damage is done, the Schnitzel will change location (within the room I assume) and all participants will be sent to the spot in the room where they first appeared as they entered it. I assume that after that, you will have to continue to try and loot and use Meat Grinders until the creature is dead. Killing it successfully will grant you certain amount of Schnitzel Points (not festivity points). 10 Schnitzel Points grant you access to the Feeding Grounds for 2 hours.

  • Feeding grounds: No one has info on this, but it is likely that that's where we will find the other new creatures (Orger, Billdodger, Loricate Orger and Bellicose Orger). Also, the Feeding grounds is where the King is found. Based on a statement by CM Skerio and the new items available after this event (Beer Mug, Empty Beer Mug, new types of food), it is likely that there's a mechanic which involves feeding him (and bringing him beer). I'm also assuming that this is the boss that will give you the bigger prizes. CM Skerio hinted that King Chuck Nourish gives plushies as part of his rewards/loot

Minigames (additional info)

  • In case you can't find it, the portal to the island is just southeast of the Thais south entrance. Here's an image: https://imgur.com/a/wYQRNxg

  • Activities that require going through a portal (all but Fishing and Nailing) can be repeated once every hour Fishing and Nailing don't seem to have a limit. Fishing has a 15 second cooldown for each cane (global cooldown).

  • Festivity Points (FP): As you arrive on the island, walk west and the north you will find NPC Xaver (minimap: https://imgur.com/a/8NUoCdM), say hi - points to find out how many festivity points you have. You can also exchange points for certain items (VERY expensive it seems) by sayin hi - fun - (blue words). List below.

  • Eating contest: Awards 3 points to the winners (individual win). Up to 5 people can participate, but it doesn't seem like it's required to have all 5 (someoen confirmed that it does). You should be hungry when you enter it, but success is based on luck. Even if all participants enter hungry, they will get kicked out for not finishing their plate at different times.

  • Fishing: This is just to add that it also took me about 100 worms to get a Bass and my 10 festivity points with it. Others were luckier and got it before me, but maybe 100 worms per 1 bass is the 'slowest'?

  • Cart Race: There are some tips and tricks to have a better chance at winning: Don't go (or make the cart go) over the black-type of floor, and try to walk over the pebble as much as possible. Going close to the green slime will slow you down, going close to the Water Elemental-type creature will speed you up. The cart will often drop more than one 'sausage' after using the fork on it, so it might be possible to lure the dog over them multiple times to fully feed him and stop him? I haven't tried, but it's worth a shot. Edit: You can do this alone or with up to two other people.

  • Nailing: It seems like you have to use 4-5 Orger Beer casks before you can use the nailing beam. The casks have a few second cooldown so you will have to run to different ones. It makes you VERY drunk so you'll struggle to get back to the nailing beam. Just mark it on your map and after you're very drunk, map click and wait.

New creatures (additional info)

  • New bestiary (mammals): Cows have 700 HP and roasted pork have 420HP. On top of what OP mentioned, cows also drop Cow Bell (unsure about the use, if any). Both require 1000 kills for 15 charm points. Cows don't damage you or run away will attack you viciously but won't run away. Roasted pork do minimal physical damage and some fire damage (~50HP per turn?) and run away in low health. They also drop Leberkassemmel (food type item).

  • New Bestiary (giants): Other Orgre types have not been found yet, most likely can be found in the feeding grounds after 10 schnitzel points are achieved (a raid is required to be able to farm the points)

Festivity point [FP] use:

  • Lots [10 FP] - It appears to be a sort of lottery ticket, you use it by clicking on it and it gives you a message. Not sure about prizes, I've only used one so far and got nothing. But CM Skerio hinted that you can get a plushie through this method.

  • Gingerbread hearts [500FP]: They come in three colors and they can be personalized (inscribed). Possibly just deco/food. Similar item as Valentine's Cake? Others suggest it might be a type of super food. Given how costly it is, this might be possible, but the whole "personalize" concept throws that theory a little.


  • Chair [1500 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Table [2500 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Rack [1800 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Candelabra [2000 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Wall hangings [1200 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Decorative barrel [1300 FP]


  • Leberkas [100 FP]

  • Candy floss [100 FP]

  • Stockfish [140 FP]

  • Unicorn weisswurst [2000 FP]

  • Traditional beer mug [450 FP]

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The event Orcsoberfest is about partying and doing fun activities! "This event takes place twice a year, with the starting date being the second Friday of March and October. The weekend after each event all game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for x bestiary class." For the events that happened in October 2019 and March 2020 we had this boost for the Demon class twice, but for future events it can be different. Orcsoberfest island is located south of Thais in a tent with a teleport which is just past south gate. If you use the teleport you'll be transported to the island when the event is active. You need to have premium account to access the island.  I'm going to talk to you about the details of Orcsoberfest but I urge you to click the links to get more information if needbe as there's plenty of related TibiaQA questions. 

As far as level goes: "There are numerous mini-games you can engage in where your level basically doesn't matter as they're e.g. reliant on dexterity. The orgers that can be fought are similar in strength to the perchts, creatures from the Winterlight Solstice event, which would be new to you as well. You just might want to give them a try and see how you fare. Overall, it's not an event focused on fighting – the final boss isn't actually fought but has to be fed." Dangers on the island:  CowsRoast Porks Dangers in the feeding grounds: OrgerLoricate OrgerBellicose Orger


To access the Feeding Grounds which is where the Final boss fight with King Chuck you need to find the Schnitzel and whack him with the hammers dropped by the spawns of Schnitzel to get a total of 50 Schnitzel points, which would take 50 hammers. Each time you enter the Feeding Grounds you use 10 Schnitzel Points which can expire if your logged on or logged off and last 2 hours but only start when you enter the feeding ground. To find the Schnitzel you can use an item called the all knowing sausages and it will tell you where he is, which you can get from NPC Xaver for 100 festive points.


There's lots of mini-games to play as well as a final boss fight with King Chuck, which you can learn how to do by click on this link. Some games have different requirements so I recommend you check out this other related question to get a better understanding of the requirements. The mini-games you can participate in is: fishing, feeding a pig, becoming superdrunk and nailing, mop up vomit, join a sausage eating contest, cart race, and lastly whack-an-orc. I urge you to click on the links to learn more about the games as it gives you the details on how to play the games. There's so much other things to do, you can get achievements, an outfit, mounts, unique items, festive points that you can exchange for prizes, bestiary points and just a fun experience. You can either do this event with a team for most games or solo. Some games require you to have more than one player and some games give you more points with more players success. I always recommend doing King Chuck with more than one player. Keep in mind every year the event can change so it's best to check the news but I will try my best to update my answer if any changes come down the line. Please let me know if anything needs to be clarified or added. 


Additional sources:

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