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I am wondering about which event in Tibia is the most profitable from two different approaches:

  1. By an cost/benefit point of view, where you obtain good profit with the less amount of time/resources invested
  2. By the most expensive single items you can obtain, regardless the effort invested (say you obtain one easily out of luck)

Thanks in advance!

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I would say a piece of cake event is a good profit event

You only need a lvl 8 to step in the cake island and you win a cupcake that values at least 250k or if you wait a few months it can values 500k easy but that depends if the servers help or not....

Santa Claus event is profit too but its extremely rare to get a valuable stuff (most of the time you win candies and oranges) and you don’t need to be premmium to participate in the event

Lightbearer event is profit with low resources too you dont need a high level to take a torch and light at least one basin but again it depends if the server helps or not (the reward isn’t something rare but its a good profit and you also don’t need to be a prem account to do this event)

Demon baby event now is a nice profit you have to spend some time to get the reward but its a huge profit maybe you need a mid level to do this event and its not required to be premium to do this quest but its easier if you are (if you don’t care to walk alot or have enough luck to get easy tasks)
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In my oppinion is Hot Cuisine Quest. You have two different ways to make money at this event.  Basically u can:

  1. Make a backpack with all the ingredients for the event and sell it to other players. For example, my friend was selling the ingredients (except Northern Pike and Blessed Wooden Stake) for 400k in the last event at Celebra, she sold about 40 bps.
  2. You can make the dishes with a lot of makers, and sell it along of the year.
Both methods you will make a lot of money.
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just add in your answer that you need at least a lvl 35 to make the dishes
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I would say Christmas event

How it works

  1. When the second phase begins, try to find Grynch Clan Goblins who Raid different towns and kill them.
  2. Take the stolen Present Bags with you to Ruprecht on Vega and trade them for Christmas Tokens.
  3. Trade the Christmas Tokens for the following items (I put only the more valuables):

Ferumbras' Teddy Santa Ferumbras' Teddy Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Frazzlemaw Santa Frazzlemaw Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Leaf Golem Santa Leaf Golem Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Maxxen Santa Maxxen Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Nightmare Beast Santa Nightmare Beast Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Orclops Santa Orclops Santa (250 Christmas Tokens)
Santa Fox Santa Fox (250 Christmas Tokens)
Santa Music Box Santa Music Box (250 Christmas Tokens)
Santa Teddy Santa Teddy (500 Christmas Tokens)

Also Santa appears on same event and you can get valuable Items just asking Santa for present:

Presents which are only given to a few lucky players:
Panda TeddyPanda Teddy
Teddy BearTeddy Bear
Santa TeddySanta Teddy
Amulet of LossAmulet of Loss
Bunnyslippers Bunnyslippers
Dragon ClawDragon Claw
Ball GownBall Gown
Gold IngotGold Ingot
Snowman DollSnowman Doll
Bear DollBear Doll
Soul StoneSoul Stone

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The ball gown looks so pretty!
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I love this event but to be honest I always have oranges in my bp :(