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I want to hunt this creature class. But where can I find them? What access or quests are required to reach them?

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Chakoyas are creatures that have been developed in the everlasting winter climate established in Hrodmir. Their main settlement is in Hjaern's domains. They may seem docile and weak, but they possess great skills in crafting tunnels underground and some even learned how to master elemental forces and if you need rare fish you can go hunt them in a huge amount. They worship the Yetis as divine beings, but bear no relation to them as far as is known.

All Chakoyas are weak to Death Damage and even weaker to Energy Damage.


Chakoya Windcaller, Chakoya Toolshaper

InukayaChyllfroestChakoya Iceberg.

Chakoya Tribewarden

InukayaChyllfroestChakoya IcebergNibelor (during a quest).
Quest for Nibelor for killing those chakyoa (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ice_Islands_Quest)


Name Exp HP Loot 
Chakoya Toolshaper

Chakoya Toolshaper

Chakoya Tribewarden

Chakoya Tribewarden

Chakoya Windcaller

Chakoya Windcaller


Chakoya Boss

Name Exp HP Loot 



Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Chakoyas

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I hunt these creatures during the Chakoya Iceberg Mini World Change. I can finish their bestiary very quickly. There you will find the three class of Chakoya listed below:

  • Chakoya Windcaller Chakoya Windcaller
  • Chakoya TribewardenChakoya Tribewarden
  • Chakoya ToolshaperChakoya Toolshaper

You can check at Adventurer's House Board if the mini change is activated. The Iceberg locataion is here: