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Is anybody tested out this hunting spot?

I already know, that there is awesome spot to make Clomp in Bestiary, but what about Ogres?

We have there:

Ogre Sage (stronger version of Ogre Shaman)

Ogre Ruffian (stronger version of Ogre Brute)

Ogre Rowdy (stronger version of Ogre Savage)

What exp per hour can I make there in team EK + ED (500-600 lvls)?  Can I make any profit there? Is this place worth considering as an alternative hunting ground or just "do the bestiary and forget" place?

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I tryed Rp-Ed. It took us so much time to kill them that the experience was realy bad, they hit a lot aswell and the loot is not good.

We did even stop doing the bestiary for these reasons, I would only go back to It if they were the last creatures of my bestiary to be done.
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RP + ED on which levels?
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At that time aprox: 580 RP and 590 Ed