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So I was checking in my server (Harmonia) to go do this event in two consecutive days and people had barely participated in it. When I went there, the place was empty.

I mean, the reward is not really bad, considering the bonus you get for the potions.

My question is, is this a generalized thing or trend? Do people in general not take part in this event in most of the servers anymore, or is it just that they leave the participation to the end of the event? I found it a bit disappointing, I wanted to actually participate but I was alone there.

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I did participate and tried to look for people to do this. But for the solely reason of getting charm points from the creature that spawns there. I was probably one of the few players that did this on Kenora.

Here is what I have done: Since I was doing bestiary of some really weak mobs that were dropping these berries, I payed attention and hoarded 100 of these berries (the Rapid Respawn would be perfect to get those winterberries if people had some reason to join it). After that, I've divided these 100 winterberries to 10 different chars. With these characters I went to the cellar of the world change one by one and used the winterberries, then I log out and log in the next char of my account list that had 10 winterberries and repeated the process (you can only use 10 of these berries per character, which is really bad). When I reached the mark saying that there was enough winterberries over there, I went back to my main char and did a few actions over there, like stomping the winterberries at the center or just waiting until the monsters appeared. I killed 5 of them and left the whole place, since I would never bothering doing whole thing alone.

Frankly, that's a pretty weak world event that needs some sort of new reward or a completely rework, probably not that bad regarding lore when compared to the one where you need to do tons of chores in order to make baby demons happy (?????) but it is very boring and unpleasant in my opinion. Many casuals do not have time or patience for something like this, and a guild would be better spending their time on other things like going after profitable bosses.

Curious enough, it is one of the few world events where Free Accounts can fully participate, so if they can somehow allow to exist a decent possibility of individual reward (maybe similar to Santa Klaus presents?), I think that this world event can be potentially an excellent one in the future.
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Very good point
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That idea of going with 10 chars of your own is very good. I think this event is repeating again soon, so I might try this.
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I think this event is quite boring, many people also don't understand how do this. Even on Antica I rarely find people. I think ppl don't make this event because mobs gives only 5 charm points.
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I think that the biggest problem of this event is not the prize (although it is not very attractive) but that you have to spend too much time on it. First of all, you need to collect berries that fall only from fairly weak monsters, and this is quite rare so you have to kill a lot of them to collect 10 berries. You need the cooperation of several people (you can't add 100 berries yourself) so in times when 300lvl is standard this event should be updated

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In my server some guys ask for some help to complete the event, but they did almost everything by themselves, just ask to ppl send them grapes. In general I didin´t see many ppl excited about the event. Think Cip should rework about the prizes, specially for this evetns that the whole server wins if the event is sucessfull.