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I was wondering whether there are any nice or rare prizes you can obtain by taking part in the Halloween event? Will you only obtain rewards if the event succeeds or are individual rewards also possible?

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The reward you can get is when you participate on the kill of the Mutated Pumkpin.
Once the Mutated Pumpkin has been slain, a portal east of Darashia opens for 30 minutes (here), where all fighters can skin the corpse for the achievement Mutated Presents, and one of the following:

The exiting portal will take the player to Darashia Temple. You will be automatically kicked out of the reward room after 5 minutes with the message "You can't bear staying in this room any longer.".


The Mutated Pumpkin on Elysia


Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mutated_Pumpkin

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Thanks. None of those prizes seem to be very rare, right? Or if any of them is rare could you add that info next to the item please? If none of the prizes are rare or expensive, then I think this event is more for fun, right?
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The rarest thing I know is spiderwebs , so yes is just for fun event
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Thanks, Zupakode, for the information. :)