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With the implementation of the hunting tasks, there will be two hunting slots for premium account players, and one for free account players.

I was wondering if it is worth buying an extra slot. I know it might be early to tell, but I believe it is important and helpful to start aiming at a conclusion, in order to know if it is worth spending 750TC in a slot; maybe it is better having it from the beginning, perhaps it is only worth when you have reached a certain level, etc.

Advice will be much appreciated!

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Well since it states that you can get outfits, mounts and decorations as a reward, it is truly up to you if you think thats 750 TC is worth it!

I personally would say it is worth 750 TC because you can get outfits, mounts and decorations for it. But if you have a low amount of cash or dont like spending cash in tibia I think you would be fine without buying an extra slot! However if we assume that you are teamhunting Plague seal for example, investing in a third slot could be worth it since you could finish all 3 hunting slots there.

Best regards Frazzie
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maybe you should wait for test server or the game update to say if its worth or not...
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It’s a little early to know if its worth or not you will have to use the free slots and test first (in test server or in game after the winter update)
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I wanted to let you know from personal experience it is definitely worth purchasing the extra hunting task slot. I purchased it myself and I'm really impressed with how fast I'm getting points. I bought it as soon as it came out and it has given me more options to hunt. I usually find myself having creatures that I can hunt all in the same spawn. For example I hunted Minotaur Cults because luckily I had 3 of the creatures on my prey task so it worked out well. I'd say a downfall is you'll feel obligated to do the hunting task more. It's taking me a long time to complete creatures for example so I find myself on Tibia for an avg of 4 hours a day now due to me purchasing this extra slot. I'd say it doesn't hurt to buy it, at any level. Also, I wanted to add there's an amazing chart a user of ours created that shows you the differences in if you have 2 slots over 3. As you can imagine, your life will be a lot easier if you purchase the 3rd slot. The chart is located here: How long does it take to get rewards for Prey Hunting Tasks?

I wanted to update and add I obtained the Full Falconer outfit within 11 months by having 3 prey slots (I also used some wild cards but not too many. I also missed 3 days worth of tasks at points in time)

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Too early to say! First we need to know which will be the prizes; how many points do we earn byt each task completed and how many points will cost the prizes.

only observation I think is usefull now is that the third slot will be good if u hunt at a place with 3 differents monsters, so this way you can complete 3 tasks about the same time.

Let's see how it works before we reach a conclusion.
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Yes it is worth it if:

-You like originality;

- you strike for your own goal and achievements;

- want exclusive items;

-enjoy collecting points and achievements instead of going hunt all the time.

Other than that as per calculations- yes it is worth it. Cost of any mount will be similar to it, but yet this is not same accessible. You pay for something which you still need to work for it - which is far more rare.