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Are there any bosses in Dawnport? If yes, where can i find these bosses and what is the respawn time to these monsters (if there is one)? Or they are some sort of special kind of boss?

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Every monster spawns between 13-20 days if it spawns only in 1 spot. In Dawnport or after teleport to Rookgaard you can found few bosses. It's worth to remember that you can teleport from Dawnport to Rookaard but you can't come back to Dawnport again. 

If im not wrong you can find there:

Salamander Trainer  - yes it is a boss

Troll Marauder 

On Rookaard you can find:

Munster with possibility to loot a die from it.

Rottie the Rotworm

Apperentice Sheng 


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Yes dawnport has a boss in the mountain troll cave the Salamander Trainer it spawns quite often for a boss

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Salamander_Trainer

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I guess Salamander Trainers are typical kind of creatures. to be honest I don't see any reason to treat it like a boss.
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It doesn’t appear every respawn and its a creature that only appears in this place and its only 1... it looks like a boss type to me
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Since I'm not playing much on Dawnport and I don't have any "dawnstayer" there I'm not sure, but the only monster with random spawn I've met in the troll cave near Skeletons respawn.

I mean Troll Marauder which is stronger than Mountain Trolls and looks like Troll Champion.

I have no idea what is exact time of it's respawn, but I know that it is quite common boss and appears often.