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In many other games there are championships and as recently Tibia is giving more relevance to the people who make streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Then it would not be an excellent idea that Cipsoft opened the world of Testera once a year for teams of 5 or 10 players from all servers, had championships between them ?. Just imagine a championship among the top 20 pvp teams being narrated by well-known players in the world of Streams!
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I think this is a cool idea, but it would be hard to do without Cipsoft hosting an actual event, due to timezones, servers, and ping

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I think it could be a good idea but only with the old pvp of using manas and runes manually , otherwise there is no sense since actual pvp sucks. You cant have a good pvp when there is no chance to kill 1 vs 1 , for example if a lvl 200 fight versus another lvl 200 that fight wont over since they can heal themselvees easy full and they dont deal enough damage to kill the other.
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Sound good but only if Cipsoft make this with this idea "Only hability! NO lvl and skills"

Let my explain this: You can only have or Cipsoft create a new accout for you only of lvl 100, all of you team ONLY can use things of a lvl 100 and limited skills and set, so EVERYONE have the same distance, magic lvl, etc.

With this and battles of 5 players vs 5 players with the same cap. you can have a real balanced battles and i dont think that its important the thing about the area, you can make championships of Europa servers, North-America servers, and like that
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War servers have been proposed (begged for?) since I can remember. People have always enjoyed killing other people. Especially on test servers, so there were many proposals to make a "permanent" test server.

Today, the proposals are more advanced. I myself would love to see leagues (chamionships, as you called them) in Tibia.

We could have short-term, PvP focused leagues/championships. In such leagues, Cipsoft could go all the way and test plenty of ideas and mechanics (even the most crazy ones): e.g. no protection zones, guild wars where you have to protect your guildhall and take over the others, double damage in PvP, old PvP (manual aiming, old dmg/healing formulas, mana fluids, etc), ironman mode, etc, etc.

Then, when the league is finished, participants should receive some cool prizes for their regular characters on "normal" servers. These could be both individual rewards (for best personal achievements - most frags, best frag/death ratio, etc) and rewards for guilds (e.g. for taking over most guildhalls/areas, etc).
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IF I was someone with power on Cipsoft (like a CEO or something similar), I would work around a similar concept that you brought here and probably develop a server with old pvp rules, which would make pvp engagements a lot more interesting. That would be worth to organize a competition, on a server on that modality.

The current ones got a very bland PvP and they aren't really attractive for a big competition event. Unfortunately, a championship based purely on PvP would be not very practical or interesting. I guess the way to go would be for Cipsoft organize Speedruns regarding PoI, Inqui, etc and organize it along with famous streamers (if we stay with the current PvP setting)

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In my opinion that could be great idea, but only if group of players with similar levels would fight each other.

Rules of tournament should include:

1) limited resorces (potions/rings/runes etc). That would demand good tactic

2) limited time of fight

3) different arenas with such things like traps / corridors / holes
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I don't think this makes any sense at all.

PVP used to be about skill, as you had to aim your runes and control the timing of your shooting. Even something we take for granted today, such as healing ourselves with potions, used to be a quite challenging endeavor. Being pushed, or simply shaking due to the impending fear of death, and its consequent loss of level, skills and gear; caused many Ultimate Healing runes (UHs) to be missed back then.

Today PVP is about a raw competition of firepower, where only monumentally stupid mistakes can create an unexpected outcome in a fight. To be able to recover part of your health and/or mana hitting a simply key removes the skill component on the equation, and transforms the battle into a matter of numbers: be it who has the most supplies, who is the highest level or who has the most/best coordinated firepower. Assuming the PVP competition the OP has in mind is individual, there is nothing to coordinate, and the matter is even simpler. Numbers. Number of potions and number of runes.