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Hello dear Tibians!

After the new enhancements to the house system implemented in the last short update yesterday, what is the procedure to bid a house in game?

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STo bid a house in game folloow these steps:

1. Go to cyclopedia map:

2. Go to Houses:

There you can find all houses. You can sort all houses by size/name/price/auctioned/rented. When you wanna bid a house just click BID (I wasn't able to do that because i have bid on another character) and write you price.

After you bid you can see what is the current price, what is your limit and who is the highest bidder (I deleted my name).

After auction ends you get the house with the server save :)

* When u select a house to bid at cyclopedia you can check the house inside moving the layers at the house window

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