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How can you take a screenshot of the whole client?

In the following thread it is explained how to take a screenshot using a hotkey: https://www.tibiaqa.com/7563/how-to-solve-the-screenshot-problem-on-tibia?show=7563#q7563.

However, that takes a screenshot of the playing section, leaving aside the skill bars, the information panels, equipment and the rest of the client.

I have tried using the windows native screenshot key, and greenshot, but I get a black screenshot. So, how can I take a screenshot of the whole client?

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You have to change your settings if you wanna make full screenshot. Uncheck "Only Capture Game Window" like on the picture:

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All you have to do is to go to screenshot options and disable the option showed at the image below:

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Ohh, even i didn't know about it