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I will grand level 600 soon. I wanna find nice place for screenshot with my friends. Can you share with me your favorite places for screenshot guys?

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Hope to see your lvl 600 screenshot soon! :)
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Misunderstood the question, I thought you were asking about sites focused around screenshots :)

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For me the best is "clean floor" (snow on Folda, Ice on Okolnir, sand on Darashia), but I'll give you some other places.

1. Dream Courts Quest [many beautiful places when you have access to teleports in the castle]

2. Port Hope Tarantula's Lake (X on East part of city is hole which is the fastest to get there)  

3. Way to Zushuka boss - many beautiful places!

4. Feyrist - many beautiful places too!

5. Issavi City 

6. idk Folda or Vega, but probably Folda :D

I'll add some more in future, I have blocked add more screens :3

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I have seen screenshots people post under reddit, and also on tibiabr.

For screenshots about bosses the most indicated place would be tibiabosses. I think they event used to have a sort of "screenshot of the month" contest, I am not sure if they still have that nowadays though.

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I like a Realm of Dream Quest there was also nice places like this one : 

Also Devovorga place are so nice, This World Quest starts on September 1 so you have a some time :)

And one from my favorite was in Meluna :

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Stunning places, goodjob!