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Y'all know that it got this name bc it was added in the game because of a bug, still a lot of npcs react to it an there's even a "quest" (no one knows if u can actually complete it) with the king tibianus where he will give u a reward for the lengendary sworld, or its just like the fury sworld of rookguard? i've searched a lot for it and still kind of clueless about it since the mentions on the books and the npcs dont give many good clues
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When the tower falls,
when the cold loses its sting,
when the small walks the halls of the great,
when the lord of murder loses his nobility,
when the ice kisses the fire,
when the arrow will not fly twice,
when the thunder silences the mute,
when the red meets the green on golden ground,
when the ivory is broken by the blood-stained hand,
when the dead walk on earth and laugh at the gods,
when the names will be erased and the vanished return,
when the forbidden twin no longer exists,
when the one-eyed king dies in fire,
when the traitor meets his fate,
then excalibug will be reborn in the flame of justice.

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You can actually check out from distance the Excalibug on Pits of Inferno on a determined place, but unfortunately the quest is most likely a lore allusion incorporated on the game mythology due to a certain story that happened on the early years of Tibia. Back in the day, the famous Magic Longsword was added (illegally, as sources tell) in an obscure "quest" and was later removed since it wasn't intended to have such overpowered weapon available to be used. It seems that the famous Excalibug was born as a legend from that incident, as a reference to the bug that permitted a 80 attack sword (now reduced on the last known exemplar of it) enter in game. Pretty cool, isn't?

The quest gave by the King is most likely another lore reference.

You can check out the full list of mentions of it in game on this link: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/Excalibug (some portuguese text, make sure to enable your browser to translate the page if you don't know this language).

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also the reason excalibug exist in game today is because once in the game it can't no longer be removed. so cipsoft made an almost impossible quest to reach this sword only a true rpg will be able to find it. but thats just what i believe in.