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I have to kill 5 Wild Horses Wild Horse to finish my bestiary. I wonder if Wild Horses spawn in random places/time or if there is a specific mechanism. How many wild horses can spawn at the same time? 

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When you can't rent a horse, they aren't in the yard, it means that it is Horse Station World Change. Wild Horses spawn is every 3h from ss. Then 0 to 3 monsters spawn each time, this is random.

bestiary gives 10 charm points when you killed 5 horses.

You can tammed it by  Sugar Oat or  Music Box to get mount and achievement "Lucky Horseshoe".

 Btw you should make bestiary for all others horses, it's 5points for each, you must kill 250 but it's easy and don't waste your stamina.

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When the event is active it spawns up to 3 horses every 3 hours after server save.... all the horses spawn near the  troll cave in thais
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Can you check if it's activeted at the board of adventurer's guild house?
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Yes you can check on adventure’s board or to at the horse station in thais or venore
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